Eco Friendly LED Light Bulb

5 Reasons

to convert to LED Lighting

  • Save Money - Reduce electricity bills
  • Less Energy - upto 90% reduction
  • Long Life - 60.000 + hours
  • Runs Cool - No heat build up
  • Recyclable - No mercury

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These new style LED bulbs are totally new and use advanced technology. They can be used for all your lighting needs.

“These new LED bulbs save so much money!”

We sell all different types of LED bulbs and offer a complete solution. We deal with vehicle lighting, domestic lighting, industrial lighting and commercial lighting.

Advantages of LED

There are so many advantages to LED lighting:

  • Saving Money. Reducing lighting costs
  • Less Power. LEDs can reduce power consumption by 90% and more
  • Long life. LED bulbs last 60,000 hours. and if left on permanently would last longer than 6 years
  • Low heat. These bulbs don’t build up heat like a normal bulb
  • Fully recyclable. They contain no mercury so cause no damage to the environment when thrown away
  • Dimmable. LED can be dimmed unlike other energy saving bulbs

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Newest LED bulbs

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